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A few words about us. We are «Divan.Design», a web development agency from Russia. Almost for 7 years we have been developing web sites based on an open source CMF MODX (actively using jQuery).

It is true that we’re doing our best to ease, optimize, and systemize our work so if we code, we’re trying to find a general solution and embody it into something complete, therefore it can be used in the future. For a long time we used to develop and store our code in the private storage. Then we understood that we wanted to make this world better and forget about reinventing the wheel so we made a decision to share our achievements with everyone.

Most of those complete solutions were made for MODX, because of that we originally wanted to upload everything to the official MODX site, but the idea wasn’t good enough because there was no multi-lingual support, also the site had terrible changelog (which was usually kept by nobody) and illogical navigation, there were no examples, no documentation, and, most importantly, there were no comments! You just can’t find what you need in the documentation, can’t read comments of people and if something isn’t completely understood you just can’t ask a question. We have also achievements not only for MODX, that’s why we have pulled ourselves together and have made ​​this web site, where everything is as it should be. We’ll use it by ourselves, improve and enhance.

By the way, unlike the others this site about MODX is based on MODX with using of what is posted.

MODX — is a cool thing to control the world your site and here you may find some good stuff for it. More

We are absolutely sure that you know what jQuery is. Check our plugins for it. More